Virtual data room

Most companies that do business with each other are located in very distinct places. For these organisations it becomes important to be able to quickly resume and provide information about the company merger or take-over for internal departments and external consultants.

Advisors from outside are:

  • Facilities and properties
  • Human resources
  • Company development
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Law
  • M&A referents


Our offer

Gubler Laboratory Ltd. collects the confidential documents at your premises or processes them on-site. Hence we are able to guarantee maximum security and confidentiality.

In addition to that, we provide a Virtual Mail Rooms service for our customers of the finance and trust section – this service increases efficiency and security in the analysis of company data.

The temporary information platform is suitable for medium-sized companies as well as large enterprises. Apart from the easy handling it offers an optimum measure of security – through secure passwords and continuous control.

Your benefits

  • Temporary, closed online user groups for a shared access to decision criteria and data material
  • An online index provides large amounts of data such as company patents, registry plans or records in a structured manner.
  • Individual adjustment of user rights: view, copy, download, forward, etc.
  • Interest tracking: the place and time of visits in the documents can be registered. Thus, a convenient identification of relevant data material is made possible.