Software & engineering


We develop, distribute and maintain a wide range of software tools for the input management, classification and Ingest (data acquisition, verification, migration and metadata enhancement). We use these tools in our own production or provide services based on them for our partners.


We create the information packages in accordance with the appraisal of the records and their relevant life cycle regulations. Thereby we conform to the OAIS Reference Model and follow the best practices with regard to the application of relevant (meta-)data and archival standards.


Online viewer for digitised records and archival contents

In addition to established archiving software we provide modules for web-based display and distribution of text, image, audio and motion picture contents.

Docuteam Ltd.

Docuteam, in collaboration with the producer company AJLSM from Bordeaux, uses the technology of Pleade for the realisation of digital reading rooms. Pleade offers the following possibilities:

  • Web-based, works with all conventional browsers
  • Combined search in the plan of record groups as well as in user data of the archive
  • Coloured emphasis of results in documents with optical character recognition
  • In line with prevailing international standards (EAD, METS, ALTO)
  • Example: City Archives Baden


This software by the German Research Foundation enables you to view a large amount of images or PDFs by digital page turning or scrolling and helps you make the files available to the general public.