Industry solutions for records management

Business engineering

Gubler Laboratory Ltd. considers itself as an integrator: We advise you on how to handle digital and analogue documents and realise potentials to increase efficiency.

  • In order to guarantee effective management support we obtain the relevant data from your processes and systems.
  • We offer archiving and records management specific to your industry as well as interfaces corresponding to your diverse applications such as ECM, ERP, DMS, sector-specific technical applications or eArchives.

As experts in information management we can provide solutions specific to the industry:

Physicians and hospitals

Initial situation

  • With this solution we address physicians, general practitioners and specialised hospitals.
  • Because of a lack of space, or if you plan on selling your surgery, you wish to outsource all or a part of your records with due consideration of the retention period of 10 years.
  • You extend your surgery and would like to avoid a rise of existing overheads (e.g. of MPA), which means that you need to maximise the potentials of your technical or administrational EDP.

Our service

If you lack space, we offer to scan all active case histories, store them in a secure physical archive and provide electronic access to the files within a couple of hours. We help you create your individual solution for records management from technical (x-ray, MRI, ultrasound) as well as administrational processes as effectively as possible.

DMS solutions    Compliance    E-mail archiving


Initial situation

  • We address local as well as supranational courts and entities.
  • Are you looking for a practical way between the reliance on EDP and the integration of inevitable paperwork?
  • Are you thinking of your analogue mail inbox and the distribution of records between various workplaces and different locations?
  • Do you have to follow retention periods but intend to save space, time and money?

Our service

  • Records management consulting throughout the life cycle process (from its usage to the storage and archiving of the record) is our speciality:
  • Arranging and indexing of digital and analogue documents
  • Transferring data into DMS processes (incoming mail solutions on a daily basis) or archival processes (submissions, periodically)
  • Outsourcing of paper records in a temporary archive or submissions to the State Archives
  • Audit-proof long-term archiving of closed dossiers



Facility management

Engineering, general plant construction

Corporate sector, finance, insurance

Public administration: communities, counties

Technical enterprises, public utilities, electric companies