General Terms and Conditions

We consider the Swiss Code of Obligations to be sufficient for most of our business activities. If required, specific regulations depending on the order can be agreed upon.

Basic conditions

  • Confidentiality is our business – we thus sign the necessary agreements and obligations to maintain confidentiality with regard to sensitive documents such as personnel files or business records. We also register the involved employees and take technical (EDP) as well as structural measures to ensure confidentiality.
  • Term of payment: 1/3 commission when placing an order or by arrangement
  • We assume in every case that our clients have all necessary rights to the documents and their relating processes (scanning, microfilming, Ingest processes, copying, distribution, archiving) that they entrust us with.
  • You should be aware that we decline all liability from copyright, personal or data protection laws in relation to the material that we have received for processing.