Software and tools

The following tools are available for download in different forms – as software, freeware, as part of our services or by means of software projects in collaboration with our development partners:

  DFG-Viewer, Demo Version 
  Monolith™ Decoder, Demo Version (Bitsave Ltd.)   Windows
Mac OS X
 Licensed Monolith™ Encoder/Decoderplease contact our support
Eternity 105 Composer für 105mm Mikrofilmplease contact our support
iCAS compliance und data archivingiTernity Ltd.


 ISAD (G): International Standard of Archival Description (General) (ICA CDS, 2nd ed., 2000)
  ISAAR (CPF): International Standard Archival Authority Record for Corporates, Persons and Families) (ICA CDS, 2nd ed., 2004)
ISDF: International Standard for Describing Functions (ICA CBPS, 1st ed., 2007)
 Diagram of the OAIS Reference Model according to ISO 14721