Scanning of photographic material

Photo collections are very heterogeneous in terms of formats, materials and condition (deterioration). What they have in common, however, is the photographic density of information (tonal value, resolution) and the high requirements to their processing.

Our scanning resolutions and colorimetric specifications

  • RGB 8- to 16-bit per channel / greyscales / colour 24-bit / colour spaces and profiling upon consultation
  • For transparent originals: 300 bis 4'000 dpi
  • For reflective originals: 240 bis 1'200 dpi
  • We select an adequate scanning technology according to the project objectives.

Reflective originals

Positive paper copies, photo collages, photo albums

Transparent originals: different slides and negatives

Mounted slides or negatives, large-format slides, celluloid – black-and-white or coloured

Glass plates

Glass plates black-and-white, glass slides black-and-white, glass plates autochrome