Scanning of business records

We scan records and dossiers in any given form, size, and condition at our laboratory in Felben-Wellhausen or on-site at your premises. In addition to that, we offer extensive additional services such as the transfer into ECM systems.

In order to guarantee ubiquitous access, we present cloud-based solutions for distribution and usage on the go (service technology, iPad, etc.).


  • Civil engineering
  • Personnel files
  • Dossiers of insured persons
  • Tax processing
  • Medical records
  • X-ray archives
  • TARMED scanning
  • Court records
  • Material testing
  • Aviation
  • Facility management
  • Plant engineering, CAD records
  • Protocols
  • Laboratory reports
  • Brands, patents, GE

Our industry solutions

Additional services

  • Retro digitisation of existing microforms or paper documents
  • Gathering and indexing important metadata from physical data
  • Creating bookmarks and hyperlinks for a convenient search within the records