Indexation and classification

Indexation, in the sense of tagging, means that a description or tag is linked with a document in order to capture the information it contains.

Your benefits

  • Full text search with OCR, searchable PDF file
  • Synchronisation with existing databases and other software processes
  • Placing of bookmarks or hyperlinks, output in PDF or XML
  • Preparation for the Ingest: conversion of structural and object data to XMP and production of the necessary SIPs


Automatic classification

The document type and its relevant metadata are determined independently of format and structure. 

No preparatory work due to automation

In the first step of the classification the document type and its attribution to the corresponding business processes are automatically determined (e.g. supplier’s invoice). Thus, presorting documents according to their type is no longer necessary.  

Perfection and flexibility

  • We are able to achieve low susceptibility to errors due to the validation against existing master data (for example in an ERP system).
  • We guarantee flexible use, as automatic classification can be combined with any given scan software.  
  • E-mails can also be automatically classified.
  • OCR and form recognition

Incoming mail solutions and automatic data extraction

The document type and relevant metadata (sender, date, title, etc.) are determined automatically.


Validation and post-indexing

Relief due to mechanical data control

The data which has been automatically imported during classification and extraction processes can be further analysed. This process which is known as validation leads to an additional relief from routine work, such as the matching of personnel’s or supplier’s master data.

Follow-up checks for quality assurance

If there arises an uncertainty during data check, the data concerned will be manually reexamined in the process of post-indexing. Corrections of uncertainties may be necessary in the processes of classification, document separation or extraction.


Hyperlinks and bookmarks

Convenience with bookmarks

We have the possibility to connect documents via hyperlinks and use them as bookmarks. This often makes the use of account books, indexes and other comprehensive forms or texts possible or more convenient in our daily routine.


Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) stands for the automatic text recognition within images and files. We offer you the option of revising OCR with other engines or refining it manually.