Underlying principles

Our roots

Since the 1980s we have devoted ourselves to the top-tier category of long-term archiving: the protection of cultural property and the archiving of public administration.


Our ideas

We associate the term "archiving" with time spans of several centuries.

The concept of sustainable archiving is understood as a repository of information which is available on a long-term basis, in order to be able to access and understand the same information easily even in the distant future.

Our work is based on the OAIS Reference Model. The submission of archival packages (AIP) and the consideration of suitable data structures and formats are central aspects of our archival concept.

We are equally concerned with the archiving of both analogue and digital data.

What we offer

We provide concepts and solutions to increase efficiency in handling digital and analogue documents.

We view ourselves as craftspeople of the information and communication industries. On the one hand, we maintain our own production and, on the other hand, we are familiar with the newest state-of-the-art concepts and tools for archiving and records management.

We work closely with our partners.