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Scanning of negatives in the City Archives of Frauenfeld

Since 1979 the City Archives of Frauenfeld has held a picture collection of the photographer Jakob Bär’s family. It includes several thousand negatives on glass and celluloid and in various formats – more than what was previously estimated.

The earliest surviving photographs of the collection are from the 1890s, the most recent from 1964.


The largest part of the collection consists of single or group portraits taken in Bär’s photographic studio. Furthermore, the Bärs photographed equipment and machines on behalf of companies. Together with landscape and architecture photographs they are a testimony of the practice of photography over the course of time. Most photographs can even be related to a client, as their names appear in the preserved order books.

In 2008 the negatives were digitised and preserved on Micrographic film by Gubler Laboratory Ltd.. Together with the client we developed the criteria for preserving and repacking the negatives according to the required conservation measures.