Reorganisation of photo and film archives

Benefit from our experience in the description and archiving of dozens of historical picture collections.

We provide support during the planning phase by creating a general process concept and budget plan, or we advise you in detail on how to reorganise your historical or active collections of photo, film and audio material.

  • Conception and budget planning
  •  Appraisal, description and cataloguing of the collection or fonds
  • Digitisation in facsimile quality
  • Transfer into a media database and/or (web-based) distribution
  • Long-term preservation



In a workshop from 3 to 5 days we can specify the following criteria for you:

  • Workshop 1: Detailed inspection of the total fonds; involvement of as many stakeholders as possible
  • Elaboration of the concept: the results of Workshop 1 are set out in writing; detailed evaluation is made
  • Workshop 2: Presentation and critical discussion of the concept in written form: listing of pending issues, risks and fundamental decisions (quality levels, criteria for appraisal and description, finance, critical resources, etc.)
  • Development of a reliable offer and scope statement
  • Realisation

Example: film archive    Example: photo archive