Metadata standards and Ingest

We index and harmonise your finding aids and transfer the corresponding data into the archiving software that you use.

Our services

1. Conception and adaptation of norms and standards

  • We process context and contents of archival material and build the submission information packages (SIP according to OAIS) for the Ingest (data acquisition).
  • Achievement of uniformity based on a recognised metadata standard such as EAD, ISAAR(CPF), ISAD(G), ISDF, MARC and other
  • We provide editors (single-position or web-based versions) which allow you to index in the corresponding metadata scheme.
  • The inventory of output formats and the definition of target formats can be aligned with your archiving software.

2. Additional tasks such as:

  • Reprocessing of your data for ingestion into the storage or ECM system
  • Utilisation of standardised or individual style sheets to display harmonised XML sheets in your distribution environment (web
  • Digitisation, OCR, structuring, or manual description of finding aids

Further information on metadata standards