Arrangement and description

Regardless of whether your records are obtained from analogue or digital sources, we can assist you in harmonising and cataloguing them.

We also support public offices in submitting or transferring records.   

Our services

  • Retro conversion of analogue paper documents or photographic material (federal documents, medical records, personnel files, historic picture collections, plans and maps, etc.)
  • Description and indexing of comprehensive fonds (e.g. medical records, construction plans, administration dossiers or accounting documents)
  • We process data either manually by transcription or by technical aids like OCR. We can also perform complex synchronisations with existing database entries.
  • We create necessary archival packages for the submission of records (SIPs according to OAIS)
  • We provide technical aids and tools for the Ingest. For more information please visit our partner sites and download section.
  • After a pre-study we present to you a project outline based on the appraisal of the fonds. This outline consists of an estimation of costs, a schedule, organisational and technical milestones and critical factors of success
  • Support and staff training