Corporate records management and ECM


Reduction to essential data

We can help you improve information and decision-making processes for administrative purposes.

  • Reduction of costs
  • Improving the groundwork of your management information systems
  • Fulfilment of compliance standards
  • We try to prevent oncosts by minimising and optimising expensive storage of business records due to their retention period.


Open detailed information

Our consulting services

  • Draft of your life cycle model:
    we capture the type and volume of your documents and sort them according to the typical phases of
    i) active administration,
    ii) semi-active repository,
    iii) transfer to (historical) archives or elimination.
  • We are experienced in building repositories and can thus minimise high oncosts when sorting and eliminiating records.
  • We evaluate and analyse your records in terms of legal, organisational and technical matters: inventory, evaluation, classification system, transparency of business processes, retention periods, risk management, preservation
  • From this analysis we derive customised solutions for sustainable long-term archiving and, as a result, provide the required decision aids for the management.
  • Implementation of the project