Network and partners

Gubler Laboratory Ltd. and their employees maintain relationships with partners from areas such as service, industry, science and professional associations. We know our qualities and carefully select our partners in order to guarantee peak performances for the benefit of our customers.


Our partners

For more than 20 years Oekopack Ltd. has been specialised in the production of articles made of acid free paper and cardboard for long-term archiving.
paper deacidification - give originals a future

Archiving services – Structuring and preserving information.


Your partner for business administration (GEVER), document management (DMS), protocol management, workflow, template management and long-term archiving


Professional solutions for storage and archiving

The research profile of the IML of the University of Basel is centred around "digital sources" and their use in Humanities, the development of new tools and methods as well as the reflection about the implications of these to humanities' research.

Restoration of graphics, photo and written material



Memberships and roundtables

As an association, Memoriav’s objective is to preserve and index Switzerland’s audiovisual cultural heritage.


The association of Swiss Archivists (VSA) is responsible for the professional recognition of archiving in Switzerland. It supports the cooperation between Swiss archives, provides easy access and connects related institutions.

Over 30 service companies and suppliers are members of the professional association for multimedia information processing (FMI) and are thus able to profit from the mutual exchange of opinions and experiences.
eCH encourages, develops and adopts eGovernment standards. Gubler Laboratory Ltd. collaborates with several professional groups of eCH.