Quality management

Swiss quality – global competitiveness

Gubler Laboratory Ltd. has elaborated a many-faceted construct in order to assure the quality of their processes, products and concepts. Because we handle factors of quality, know-how, striving for efficiency and management in a controlled and deliberate manner, we are able to continuously improve our processes. We are proud of the results, not least because our success in international tenders proves us right.


The underlying values of our company – our employees and partners – are the foundation of our quality culture.


An example of quality management in our production

Efficiency: weekly statistics

Our weekly statistics informs us in detail about the resources that have been used in any project or process and the added value that has emerged from it. This data makes possible a focussed exchange between all persons involved in order to further cultivate positive results or identify the need for action quickly.

Effectiveness: Surrounding conditions

Apart from the analysis of efficiency we capture a variety of qualitative data such as the surrounding conditions that are relevant for our achievements or error rates. We oppose these “soft” data results to the hard facts of efficiency calculation and derive suitable workflows, necessary measures for quality assurance and organisational as well as managerial aspects from it. Furthermore, we apply internationally accepted processes of quality assurance, especially during the final check.

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