Our employees can draw from backgrounds in information and communication technology, archiving, manufacturing or research and they work together interdisciplinarily. We form teams that are able to manage large and complex projects on the conceptual as well as practical side.

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Working at Gubler Laboratory Ltd.

Consultant Records Management
Our records management employees, besides their university education, have completed a second degree or gained practical skills in the ICT industry.

Consultant ECM
The ECM consultants at Gubler Laboratory Ltd. have long-standing work experience in the area of project management and are specialised in document management and archiving.

Research assistants, information and documentation specialists, I+D assistants
The I+D specialists have either graduated from university or a college of technology. The I+D assistant has successfully completed an apprenticeship with a Swiss Federal VET Diploma at an archive, library or documentation centre. The research assistants generally are historians with additional training in archival science or information management.

Computer scientists
Computer competence of Gubler Laboratory Ltd. enables us to continuously optimise processing times and the efficient realisation of records management standards.

Craftsmanship, specialists
The dual system of professional education and the diverse training opportunities in Switzerland form the basis for our competitive production. The personal commitment of our employees, the continuous learning and improving processes and the conscious dealing with pressure from our global surroundings reinforce our competitiveness.