2012: Expansion of cloud services

Gubler Laboratory Ltd. gradually combines value chains from the areas of ECM, DMS and digital archiving and generates workflows specific to the industry in order to support business processes efficiently:

Examples of this are Digiscan.ch, a service that has been jointly developed with the Swiss Post, or Papierarchiv.ch, which links inevitable analogue and digital records management.

The high-end services in the sections of scanning, data processing and microfilm still form the basis for our self-conception as craft enterprise with a high level of IT competence.

2008: CTI development project Monolith I, bits-on-film

Supported by the Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology (OPET CTI) the Imaging & Media Lab of the University of Basel develops the projects Monolith I (finalisation 2010) and Monolith II (finalisation 2012) with Gubler Laboratory Ltd. as their business partner.

Monolith is our project name for the process of bits-on-film, a process of long-term archiving that preserves a digital code on optical material. In 2008 the company Bitsave Ltd., which is responsible for the international marketing and development of this software, was founded.


David Gubler, lic. oec. HSG, founds the present Gubler Laboratory Ltd., a medium-sized company of the ITC industry, in 1998.

  • Increase in the competences of consulting and support in management processes and digital preservation
  • Expansion of partner network and elaboration of industry solutions

1970 - 1998

The photo laboratory Martin Gubler introduces color microfilm that was employed in the air force to civil use (protection of cultural property). Long-term archiving and image processing represent their core competences. The protection of cultural property emerges as the most meaningful customer group during the 90s.

Parts of the company are later converted into Gubler Laboratory Ltd.

Since 1931

Martha Gubler-Waigand completes her apprenticeship as photographer in Freiburg im Breisgau in 1918. Years later she founds the "Lichtatelier Martha Gubler-Waigand" in CH-8570 Weinfelden.