Corporate culture

Humanity and confidentiality are our most important resources.

We are a company, managed by the owner, that it is committed, flexible and inquisitive.

We are proud of the activity and education structures in Switzerland and value the work culture of our surroundings highly – of course this absolutely includes our neighbouring countries. We take the inexorable process of globalisation as a challenge and expand our potentials of success within the scope of a prospering SME.

Technical expertise and high motivation are required on all levels – in our company and with our customers. We consult experts and partners in order to guarantee specialised knowledge whenever it is useful. As an organisation we follow a precipitous learning curve and are thus able to offer contemporary and innovative services on the highest level.

This applies to concepts as well as production processes.

We have achieved market leadership in production, which is a proof of our reliable, flexible and efficient work strategy. Made in Switzerland.