35 mm roll film


The 35 mm roll film in color or black-and-white is suitable for image and text data that have an actual size of up to DIN A2.

Product variations

We provide 35 mm roll film with the following features:

  • Roll film from 30 to 300 m
  • Color (Ilfochrome Micrographic) or black-and-white (Agfa Microfilm)
  • Perforate or imperforate
  • In terms of perforate film, we additionally provide a range of cinema film types (color, black-and-white, negative/positive).
  • Signatures, metadata and similar information can be added to the film.
  • Different nestings or rasterizations are possible.


The maximum resolution in the case of laser recording is at 9'000 x 13'000 pixels per frame. However, a DIN A2 page (300 dpi) with a necessary minimum oversampling of only 150% already contains 7’500 x 10’500 pixels. We thus recommend the use of the 105 mm fiche with Nesting or bits-on-film for documents of DIN A2 or larger.