105 mm fiche


The 105 mm microfiche is used for the long-term preservation of image or text data on microfilm (color or b/w). It combines images-on-film with bits-on-film and is thus able to preserve an object's image and its digital code on the same medium.

Product variations

  • We provide the 105 mm fiche with the following features:
  • Color (Ilfochrome Micrographic) or black-and-white (Agfa Microfilm)
  • Perforate or imperforate
  • Signatures, metadata and similar information can be added to the fiche.
  • Different nestings or rasterizations are possible.


A 105 mm fiche of 10.5 x 14.8 cm, produced on the Eternity 105 RGB laser device, can save image data of up to 3.6 GB. This corresponds to a RGB scan in TIFF format of up to 4 x 4 m or about 1'400 pages DIN A4 on a single fiche. For fonds that include originals in variable formats we apply the space-saving "dynamic nesting".