iCAS – hardware-independent middleware

Gubler Laboratory Ltd., your expert for secure archiving, is the software partner of iTernity GmbH, which develops and distributes the storage middleware iCAS for audit-proof archiving. The iTernity solution iCAS stands out as a unique patented archiving technology that protects archival data from manipulation and that allows audit-proof storage of data on any storage medium.  

  • The Content Storage Container (CSC) technology gathers archival data and protects it with HMAC-SHA512 hash values from manipulation and unauthorised deleting.
  • Retention times of data due to legal obligations can be flexibly managed per container.
  • It is thus impossible to delete a file in the application before its retention period elapses. Afterwards, however, the data can be eliminated according to the regulations of the US Department of Defense.
  • Every access to the iTernity server is registered in order to grant a complete history for each CSC.
  • iCAS can be operated in a completely virtualised manner. If required, the current version 3.7 comes with virtual iCAS appliances for VMware, Citrix, XEN and Hyper-V.

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