E-mail archiving

Companies have the duty to preserve e-mails.

  • On the one hand, it is necessary because of legal obligations (Compliance).
  • On the other hand, e-mail archiving offers protection against the loss of e-mails and against server overload.
  • What is more, e-mails should be stored audit-proof, since they may be used as possible evidence.

Audit-proof in this case means that documents are stored without any alterations, that they are made accessible by adding metadata, and that they should remain in their original format. Thereby the protection of data against manipulations is guaranteed.

Our service

  • We offer e-mail archiving solutions that consist of archiving applications, metadata schemes and long-term memory. In addition to actual data (e.g. EML files) we can also preserve metadata which is relevant for compliance, such as sender, dates and times, or references to attachments.

  • Depending on the e-mail program in use (e.g. Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes), specific e-mail archiving requirements, and the infrastructure of the customers, we can help you with the design and initial operation of the optimal e-mail archiving solution.

  • We can provide an overview of different e-mail archiving software and assist you in selecting the product that corresponds most closely to your needs.

  • Drawing on our expert advice you can optimise your processes, gain time and save money.

Software providers

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(freeware, for home users)
Barracuda Message Archiver