DMS solutions

Based on our broad expertise in records management and archiving we can advise you on the different aspects of document management systems.

  • We help you compile a DMS requirements catalogue and select the most suitable provider.
  • In order to guarantee high-quality consulting we work closely with our partners.
  • We can also assist you with external project monitoring.
  • Please note that DMS include e-mail archiving.

A selection of different document management systems

Together with our partners we offer a selection of different document management systems, each of which contains its optimal field of application.

We give advice on and realise different solutions in cooperation with our DMS partners:

doculife swiss – scalable

doculife swiss is an overall solution for a 100% web-based document life cycle management. This product is suitable for standard processes in an SME environment (e.g. property management) as well as for records management across the group, where economies of scale are exhausted. Gubler Laboratory Ltd. distributes and implements doculife swiss.



Faigle Archive Solutions – stable

The DMS solution package by Faigle Solutions AG is based on the technology of M-Files that has been employed over 15‘000 times internationally. The versions TRESOR and FLEX can be used without great effort as solutions for outsourcing and are most suitable for smaller companies and simple data structures. For middle sized installations we recommend the version IDEAL, which is an in-house solution. This tool can be linked across-the-board to infrastructures of output and print management.