Digital archiving solution for film, video and audio

CineTape™ is a particular type of bits-on-film, optimised for archiving, storing and accessing of moving pictures and audio.

The procedure

  • Digital masterfiles (AIP) are transformed into a bitcode and recorded as a digital code on conventional film.
  • The code on film can be read by widely used devices and film materials of the cinema industry.
  • The bitcode is based on the process of Monolith™.
  • We use an ARRI laser for recording, and you can rescan the code on any scanner (minimal requirements: 4'000 RGB and respective MTF in the three channels).

Technical advantages

CineTape™, consisting of bit pattern, is resistent against scratches and color-fading, if we compare it to classical digital intermediates (direct recording of the images on film). The digital code contains a lot of redundancy, whereas every scratch involuntarily leads to a loss during the processing of an analogue film.

Economical standards

  • In comparison with a digital intermediate, CineTape™ only uses 30 to 80% of the film length – and sound is integrated on the same medium.
  • The high efficiency of CineTape™ directly corresponds to the archiving costs.

For service enterprises

We offer partnerships and license models for interested persons as well as for internationally operating service companies and manufacturers via