Business and administration records


We recommend the material structure of roll film (tape) for the archiving of large, coherent record fonds:

  • Roll film is suitable for automation. (Cinema film scanners are fast and their quality is adequate.)
  • Thus, this medium can also be used for large quantities of data.
  • Worldwide availability of reading devices (film scanners)
  • The 35 mm bit-tape is available as bit pattern only or as hybrid film.


  • Public administration such as notaries‘ offices, land registry, residents’ registration offices, building authorities
  • Building construction and civil engineering
  • Social security: personal files and injunctions
  • Finance and trust: Audit security and compliance, Executive Board protocols
  • Hospitals: Research data and records that are kept due to statutory regulations
  • Intellectual property law: patents, laboratory reports, trademarks, documentation


Audit-proof archiving via bits-on-film

Our services

  • Transfer of data
  • Harmonising and creating archival information packages (AIPs)
  • Long-term archiving, for example by means of the following solutions:
  • Implementation of the necessary middleware (e.g. iCAS)
  • Installation of hardware (e.g. Silent Cubes)
  • Bits-on-film is a possible solution for the long-term archiving of static data.

We process the relevant data for archiving from your ECM systems

ECM systems support the operative processes and store the resulting metadata about the document’s provenance, descriptors, liabilities, retention schedule as well as its archival format (e.g. PDF-A).

We create archival packages

Gubler Laboratory Ltd. offers a range of submission interfaces by means of which relevant data can be identified, harmonised and transformed into AIPs.